Saturday, February 27, 2010

The reason behind...

The Phoenix bird represents rebirth, the ultimate change. Breaking free, claiming its own power, the Phoenix is the sign of a new beginning.

Society constantly writes scripts for all its members, assigning roles, projecting images, defining and assigning value and identity to every individual.

Culture, group dynamics, politics, old patterns, habits, self limiting beliefs, a challenging environment… are each wielding a pen and attempting to write your story, day by day.

The rebellion against the thought of life as an act of endless compliance became the ashes from which SCRIPT was born.

As a stance against endless repetition, as a righteous claim for empowerment, as an answer to the need of a fair mirror and an outside view to give perspective, as a toolbox, as a network… as a challenging and supportive sparring partner on your way to success.

Change is not easy… but it can be a great ride!

Welcome to the Phoenix Blog...


Write your Own Story!

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